Getting Started

Welcome to developer documentation. There are four main ways of accessing our market data API:

  • Locally installable tardis-machine server with built-in local caching, providing both streaming HTTP and WebSocket endpoints that can be consumed from any programming language supporting those protocols. It's available via NPM or as a Docker Image

  • Node.js tardis-dev library providing fast and convenient access to tick-level historical and real-time cryptocurrency market data both in exchange native and normalized formats

  • Python tardis-client providing high level and developer friendly data access API abstracting more low level HTTP API with local file based caching build in (requires Python 3.7.0+)

  • HTTP API - low level API providing historical data in minute by minute slices

If you'd like to access historical data as downloadable flat CSV files instead, please see CSV Data Export page.

If you'd like to know more about historical data, how it's being collected, it's format, availability dates and more, please see Historical data details page.